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Event Time and Date

Thursday, March 23 2017, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Travel Clinics are "one stop shopping" for students to receive appropriate guidance and immunizations, as well as prescriptions and physical exams (as needed).  Students who will be traveling abroad will be able to make an appointment at DU Health Service, submit their form to the Center for Pharmacy Care and see the pharmacist for immunizations, and then the DU Health Service nurse practitioner for prescriptions and/or physicals that are necessary for their upcoming trip all in one visit.

Students will need to have their evaluation by the Center for Pharmacy Care prior to making an appointment at health service for the physical. 

In order for a practitioner to certify that they are ready for travel, the immunization component needs to be addressed prior to their physical exam.  Students can call DUHS to make an appointment 412-396-1650.

The link below is the link for the form for students to complete their history. (Students should obtain a copy of their immunization record and should know what countries they will be traveling to).  

Submit a patient history form - Must be submitted 3 days in advance of scheduled appointment.

2nd Floor, Student Union

Event Category:

Health & Wellness